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Winter Games

Every four years, the world comes together for the Olympic Winter Games, and Friday February 9th we invite you to skip the opening ceremonies in Pyeongchang, and instead join us for the Boston Bike Party Winter Games.

There will be no BBP group ride this month. Instead, we’re doing something different… Winter Games. READ ON!

Wear your nations colors, or not, and compete in SIX unique bicycle games that anyone can do, but take a true competitor to master.  The games are designed for fun, but they will be scored / judged.

7:00pm – Gather at North Point Park (On the circle shaped island)
7:30pm – OPENING CEREMONIES (Foot Down Derby)
7:40pm – WINTER GAMES! (Game descriptions below)

We’ll end when it ends, and then head over to Flat Top Johnny’s for celebratory beers and announce winners.

The Games will be “carnival style.”  You’ll receive a map of the events and a scorecard to keep track of your results. Bring your scorecard to Flat Top’s at the end for lamination into an official BBP spoke card!

Go head to head with 4 others riding as SLOW as possible. Last one across the finish line wins. If you put your foot down, your are disqualified. No zig-zags, You must be pointed generally forward at all times.

Timed race to see who can do the most laps…. around a single cone! 60 seconds on the clock. How many do you think you can do?

Timed race around a closed course. Assemble your team of 3, and ride as fast as you can. Hop off the bike, and your teammate hops on to do the next lap, and so on.

Downhill coasting competition! Roll as far as you can without pedaling. Distance measured in Smoots.

Solo or group dancing competition. Your bike is your dance partner, and you’re going for style. (Pro-tip: Anyone who choreographs a dance is going to get high marks)

Timed race over uneven cobblestones & around boulders. Best time wins.

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