About Boston Bike Party

Boston Bike Party

Boston Bike Party is the city’s largest and most popular bike party, with around 1000 riders attending it every time. The party is open to all levels of cyclists, from beginner to expert, and everyone is welcome.

The event takes place in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, and is a mass bicycle ride through the streets of Boston, and it is open to everyone. The route changes every year, but it always includes some of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

Boston Bike Party Events

  • Winter Games

    Winter Games

    Every four years, the world comes together for the Olympic Winter Games, and Friday February 9th we invite you to skip the opening ceremonies in Pyeongchang, and instead join us for the Boston Bike Party Winter Games. There will be no BBP group ride this month. Instead, we’re doing something different… Winter Games. READ ON!…

  • Cabin Fever – Lookbook

    Cabin Fever – Lookbook

    Turn your Cabin Fever into Dance Fever at Bike Party this month! If winter has you feeling cooped up, join us for a toasty adventure as we follow the aroma of hot cocoa through the city bustle to our secret oasis of warmth, love, and bike friends. Flannels and down vests will be all the…

  • Boston Bike Party: Steampunk vs. Cyberpunk

    Boston Bike Party: Steampunk vs. Cyberpunk

    The next Boston Bike Party is Friday, October 12th! Hop aboard your high-wheelers and velo-mechs to show the streets of Boston which technofantasy future we must escape to: 1890 or 1980. We are the intersection of technology and romance. We are the nightriders of the steam age and the cyber era. Slip on that leather,…

  • Boston Bike Party: Re-cycles

    Boston Bike Party: Re-cycles

    This month we’re celebrating our lovely earth and invite you and your bike to reduce, reuse and re-CYCLE! Spending too much time on the couch rather than coming out to bike party? Reduce! Have a sweet bike party costume you’ve been looking for an excuse to wear? Reuse! Have some soda cans that could look…



    In the course of human events, whenever it becomes necessary to solve a fashion debate as old as time, we turn to you, trusty bike partiers, for help: what’s the most fashionable pattern to represent one’s team, nation, or self in the month of July? Stars? those little specs in the night sky that represent…

  • Boston Bike Party: Solar System!

    Boston Bike Party: Solar System!

    Join Boston Bike Party as we take a “Magic School Bike” ride through our solar system on Friday, September 14! It’ll be the coolest party this half of the Milky Way. As we orbit through our course, we’ll dance with the eight planets (don’t worry – we also sent an honorary invite to Pluto) that…