You Have The Best Taste In Music

Bike Partiers,

Every month, we ask you to submit music to our ride playlists, and every month, you continue to impress us with your excellent music tastes every. single. month! Like that time we hosted a Riot Grrrl themed ride in March and you helped us create this excellent playlist of songs celebrating women everywhere. Or that time you had us laughing in tears when “If your dad doesn’t have a beard, you’ve got two mums” came on at last November’s “Novembeard vs. MOvember” ride. All we have to say is, THANK YOU for helping make Boston Bike Party a true party on wheels.

Getting our dance on at Boston Bike Party: Bike Prom! (Photo: Sarah Nichols)
Getting our dance on at Boston Bike Party: Bike Prom! (Photo: Sarah Nichols)

In fact, you’ve done such a good job of helping us curate playlists for every ride, I’ve found these playlists working their way into non-bike party aspects of my life.  Favorite music to get me pumped up in the morning bike commute as the weather gets chilly? “Down by the Boardwalk” and “Heatwave” playlists keep me warm. Feeling nostalgic about college and my alma mater? “Boston Bike Party Goes to College” features Beach Boys’ “Be True to Your School” and Dropkick Murphy’s “I’m Shipping Up To Boston!” I don’t even have to think about curating a playlist for parties anymore. I’ll just throw on any of our summer bike party playlists or the “Bike Prom” playlist if I’m feeling dancey-pantsy.

So below are all the playlists you’ve helped us put together for Boston Bike Party since May 2013, our very first Bike Party ever.  Be sure to check ’em out and “Follow” any ones you fancy.

Happy Friday!

Boston Bike Party Goes to College (Sept 2014)

Bike Prom (June 2014)

Boston Bike Party Turns 1! (May 2014)

Boston Red Socks (April 2014)

RIOT GRRRL (March 2014)

Heat Wave! (January 2014)

Novembeard vs. MOvember (November 2013)

Halloween Bike Ride (Collaboration with, October 2013)

Oktoberfest! (October 2013)

Back to School (September 2013)

Down by the Boardwalk! (August 2013)

August 2013 (Rained out pre-bike party)

July 2013 Boston Bike Party

June 2013 Boston Bike Party

First Boston Bike Party (May 2013)