We're Bringing Boston Bike Party to Hub on Wheels 2014

If you’ve been to Boston Bike Party, then you know how awesome it is to ride with hundreds of people on bikes…but if you’ve ever ridden with the City of Boston’s annual Hub on Wheels, then you know how EPIC it is to ride with 5,000 people on bikes on a car-free Storrow Drive. Yes, you read that correctly. For one morning a year, 5,000 people of all ages on bikes storm Storrow drive, and that morning is coming up THIS Sunday. And we’re bringing the Bike Party (and our sounds system) to Hub on Wheels.

  • We’ll be rolling slow for the first 10 miles with our bike party sound system, then rolling into the Harpoon tent at Government Center.
  • Register here on the Boston Bike Party team using promo code BOSBikeParty14 to get $10 off registration (must sign up by the 19th)
  • Meet at 28 State St. at 7:45am on Sunday 10635912_350402555118042_408829252207904585_n

Every year I bring out the drum-bike for Hub on Wheels, and here’s what that looked like in 2012:

Jon Ramos, Bike Party organizer sound system guru, will be leading the charge on Sunday! Join our Facebook event and invite friends here.

The Hub on Wheels is Boston’s LARGEST bike ride. With somewhere around 5 jillion participants, and a ride down Storrow Drive, it’s a bike party fo-shizzle. This ride is hosted by Boston Bikes, and it truly is a highlight every year. But what is missing? We’ll tell you whats missing: FRIENDS & MUSIC.

We’ll drag the music trailer for the Storrow Drive portion (10 miles) at regular bike party speed, then we’ll just buddy up and continue on for the 30 or 50 mile loops at whatever pace you like. After the ride: DRINKS in the Harpoon Beer Tent (woot!)

The ride rolls out at 8:00am so lets meet up at 7:45 in little plaza area at 28 State Street (map: http://goo.gl/maps/S6tRx)

Registration is needed to participate which you can do here:


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