Ugly Sweaters: Lookbook

This month at Bike Party, it’s time to wear our hearts on our sleeves as we get cozy in our favorite freak-flying sweaters!

Hugged by clashing colors and delightfully dreadful designs, we will thread through the city as a blur of offbeat, toasty fashion.  Bizarre, hideous patterns will rule the night and stay right on top as our ride unravels into its afterparty, highlighted by an abundance of argyle and glimmers of glitter.  From whimsical wool to funky fleece, come warm our hearts with your tackiest textiles!

Keep reading for inspiration on how to knit together some bold styles!


Bring out your 90s colors! (source)


Stomp in with some prehistoric vibes. (source)


We’ll be seeing argyle for dayssss. (source)


Sure, just throw all the best things on one sweatshirt.  (source)


Make this winter awkwardly tropical! (source)


Visit your local thrift shop — you never know what you’ll find! (source)


See you on Friday, December 8!  (source)


** Friday, December 8, 2017 **

Starting at Christopher Columbus Park (North End)

* Meet at 7pm, Roll Out at 7:30pm

* Facebook Event: coming soon!

* Route: TBD

* Playlist Suggestions: coming soon!


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