Le Tour de Flags! – Playlist Submissions

Bike Partiers,

Help us find music that will let our colors fly! (and check out our LookBook for this month’s ride if you haven’t yet!)

To add music to the submissions playlist:

  • Open and log into Spotify.
  • Click the “Play” button on the playlist above (or¬†click this link). The playlist will start playing.
  • Click on the “Follow” button Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 4.42.16 PMat the top of the Spotify playlist to add the playlist to your sidebar.
  • Drag songs to the playlist!

Submissions open until the day of the ride!

Le Tour De Flags! – LookBook

Since the beginning of time, humans have used flags of all different colors and patterns to¬†show off their team’s pride. This month, Bike Party is a Tour de Flags!

  • When: July 11, 2014
  • Where: Depart from Copley Sq. @ 7:30pm
  • After-party: Flattop Johnny’s, Cambridge MA
  • Facebook Event

Check out the LookBook below and come to the next Bike Party ready to raise YOUR flag!

mmmm, flags! (image source)

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