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On Friday, March 10th, Boston Bike Party will take to the streets to celebrate and honor revolutions of all kinds!

Click here for details on the Event & click here to RSVP and invite your friends on Facebook!

*** Boston Bike Party loves creative, thematic costumes, but also encourages participants to be conscientious of the potential for cultural appropriation and to reflect before choosing what you wear or display. ***

With that said, here’s your Lookbook to get the gears revolvin’ . . .

TBD (source: link here)
Don’t throw away your shot . . . to channel your favorite Hamilton look!  (source)

Grab some markers and make your own personalized t-shirt to reflect a revolution close to your heart! (sources here, here, and here)
Channel these rockstar women who fought for women’s rights – in the voting booth and on the saddle! – by wearing something white. (source)
Is that Princess Leia fighting with the Rebels . . . or BBP’s own Kevin O’Neall honoring her badassery? (source)
Haven’t you heard? Craftivism is one of the many leaders of the new revolution! Grab a skein of a yarn and don a handmade scarf or hat! (source here, here, and here)
Maybe your favorite revolutions are the ones controlled by gravity . . . (source)
. . . or the ones controlled by your pedaling legs! Add some fun lights to your wheels to put those revolutions on display! (source)
Gather a group of friends and become Dumbledore’s army for the evening! (source)
Or sing the song of the Mockingjay in recognition of the fight for Panem! (source)
Whatever you wear, we’ll be riding through the streets, home to the original Boston Tea Party, with a welcoming and inclusive community of Bike Partiers!

Remember to invite your friends, and we’ll see you all next Friday!

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