RESCHEDULED: Boston Bike Party Presents: MOUNT OLYMPUS!

UPDATE: Mount Olympus! has been RESCHEDULED to THURSDAY FEB 20!, Departing at 7:30pm from Dewey Sq.

According to ancient Bike Party legend, the 12 great Olympians gathered every month atop Mount Olympus to ride bicycles and drink nectar while discussing and deciding the fate of mere mortals. This month, the ancient Bike Party Olympians reunite!

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Bike Party Winter Styles: Aleta Wiley

photo (7)-002

We suspected Aleta was awesome when she showed up to our Novembeard VS. Movember ride with 100 cupcakes and fed 100 bike partiers with happiness baked to perfection. Our suspicion was confirmed when she kept coming on bike party rides even as temperatures dipped well below freezing! This week in our ongoing “Bike Party Winter Styles” series of blog posts, Aleta Wiley shares her secrets to staying warm AND windproof while riding her bike this winter:

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Video: In Case You Missed It, Halloween Bike Ride 2013

HBR banner

Boston Bike Partier Harris Allen just posted this fantastic video recap of this year’s Boston Halloween Bike Ride, where we collaborated with the HBR team for two start locations and one EPIC Bike Party collision. Check it out:

Here are some of our favorite snapshots from the night (these and many more fantastic shots on the Facebook photo album!):

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Poll – Rain Check?

UPDATE: The ride is postponed to next Thursday, 8/22.  Now there’s more time to invite your friends!

Original Post:

There’s a chance of rain and some colder weather tonight, but the Boston weather is fickle so we’re hoping for the best.  We want to know if you (bike partiers) would like to postpone the ride for a later date, or chance it and slog through the weather.  We’re all bundled up and ready for either option, we just want your input!

There’s a poll on Facebook setup here, so give us your vote!

Stay tuned.  We will post the final decision on Facebook and Twitter once it’s made.

August – Down By the Boardwalk!

May Boston Bike Party
May Boston Bike Party

UPDATE!  The ride has been postponed until next Thursday, 8/22.  Now there is more time to invite your friends!

UPDATE!  There’s a poll whether to postpone the ride until the 22nd.  Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter!

Our first themed bike ride: DOWN BY THE BOARDWALK

It’s summer, its hot outside, but when the sun goes down the BOARDWALK is the place to be and be seen. Enjoy beautiful summer night on the boardwalk with us.

Come dressed in your favorite summer night boardwalk attire! Maybe its classy Jackie-O sunglasses in your hair, Maybe is a beach towel around your waist, Maybe your inspiration comes from the Jersey Shore… Tan-lines and beach wear welcome!

This ride will be on Tuesday, August 13th.  As before, we will be meeting at 7:30pm in Dewey Square in front of South Station.  We roll out at 8pm, but we’ve got a few quick announcements before hand, and that gives you time to meet some of your fellow bike partiers before the ride!

For more updated information, check out the event on Facebook or follow @BostonBikeParty on Twitter!