Mission Accomplished – A Space Odyssey – Recap

spoke card amy
Ticket to launch, artwork by Mikk Olli (Photo: Amy Leung)

On Friday, November 14th, over 170 space travelers gathered at the the Boston Bike Party Space Agency (BBPSA) launchpad at Copley Square to explore outer space, making history on the first ever Boston Bike Party Space Odyssey. Tag your friends in our Spacebook photo album, and check out the recap below on what we discovered when we ventured into space, the final frontier:

Gearing up for a space odyssey #bostonbikeparty

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rainbow spock amy l
Live long and BIKE PARTY. (Photo: Amy Leung)
astronaut lineup
Space suits for dayyyssss (Photo: Amy Leung)
space suits copley alex n
Impervious to solar wind (Photo: Alex Nenopoulos)
tinfoil helmets amy l
Helmet antenna provides crystal-clear radio-communication lightyears from home (Photo: Amy Leung)
alien piggy back
You never know who you’ll get on Craigslist ride-share (Photo: Sarah Nichols)
aleta sarah snichols
Photo: Sarah Nichols

nasa astronaut - amy l

dogship amy l
Spaceman’s best friend (Photo Amy Leung)

We were happy to have ships from all over the galaxy ready for liftoff.

planetbike amy l
two-wheeled planetary rings kept our space journey on track
matt from ruissa.-snicholsjpg
(Photo: Sarah Nichols)
Space travel is more fun on dinosaurs (Photo: Amy Leung)
fung wah amy l
Inter-planetary shuttles for just $15 (no safety guarantees) Photo: Amy Leung
star trek ship snichols
Shields up!!! (Photo: Sarah Nichols)

We made one planetary pitstop to put on our space-dancing shoes:

dancing sarah n
The moonwalk is easier on the moon (Photo: Sarah Nichols)
space unicorn s nichols
We spotted this elusive space unicorn somewhere near Uranus (Photo: Sarah Nichols)
space suit
Literally lightyears ahead of fashion trends (Photo: Sarah Nichols)
aeronaut music alex
Yeah, we were surprised by how similar space music sounds like Earth music too (Photo: Alex Nenopoulos)

Our galactic journey came to an end upon arrival at the IASBS (Intergalactic Aeronaut Space Brewery Station):

aeronaut captain america team alex. jpg
(Photo: Alex Nenopoulos)
aeronaut antenna
(Photo: Alex Nenopoulos)
aeronaut milky way t shirt
The way to a man’s heart is through the Milky Way. (Photo: Alex Nenopoulos)
space woman redhead
(Photo: Alex Nenopoulos)


I found my fellow Starbuck. #battlestar #bsg #bostonbikeparty A photo posted by Angie (@iamsaucie) on

aeronaut space alex
Ahhh, space. (Photo: Alex Nenopoulos)


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