Winter Mode

Craig Collins Snow Biking
Bike Partier Craig Collins shreds through Columbus Park with his Fat Bike!

Even though it’s colder out, Boston Bike Party keeps the party rolling through the Winter!

Stay tuned to our homepage, Facebook, or Twitter for updates/cancellations due to inclement weather.

  • Rides will be (much) shorter than summer rides, with routes varying from 2-5 miles (versus 8-10 miles in the summer) or about 30-60 minutes of casual riding (versus 2-3 hours of riding in the summer) depending on the weather.
  • After-parties will be warmer than ever! We’ll end our bike parties indoors at a different local bar, restaurant, or event-space each month, and it will likely involve hot beverages and cold beers!
  • Groups will be smaller, so we’ll be sticking on a few guidelines to sticking together as a smaller group and minimizing losing body heat!
  • Being outside can be cold! But staying warm is easy! Check out the tips below to staying warm on our ride, or check out our Bike Party Winter Styles blog series for even more tips on winter riding by fellow Bike Partiers!

So remember the following when riding with Bike Party in the winter:

  • Stick to the right lane on two-lane roads,  and to let cars pass on the left. Pull over to allow emergency or police vehicles to pass.
  • Don’t filter through cars at lights! We will always wait behind a line of cars at a red light, so don’t filter through rows of cars and skip ahead!
  • Light up your ride! Remember to bring both front and rear bike lights with fresh batteries to stay visible so you’re visible and look awesome riding in a group of lights!
  • Stay Together! Stick with the group’s casual pace as much as you can, follow traffic laws, and pay attention to volunteers at intersections to stay safe as a big group!

Staying Warm:

  • Layer up then cover up! You’ll want your thickest wool sweater or a thinner one and a thicker one will keep you warm (but not too thick, it is possible to overheat!).  Then wear a wind-proof jacket on top of it all.
  • Protect your hands and feet, and legs: double up on wool socks and gloves (even if that means buying some thin convenience store liners to wear under your normal gloves), and wear wind-proof boots and gloves on the outside. Throw on that long underwear AND some wind-breaking pants like rain pants or ski-pants if you can (your toasty legs will thank your later!).
  • Cover your neck, ears, and face! Double wrap a wool scarf, wear a balaclava (not to be confused with baklava), or wear a ski mask to keep your face warm (or any combination of the above), and bring ski goggles for your eyes if you have em!
  • It never hurts to pack an extra layer! Bring that sweater or extra pair of gloves! You may find you’ll want them if it’s particularly windy or chilly.
  • DANCE! No, seriously, DANCE while you wait for the ride to start, DANCE at stop lights! DANCE like there’s no Bike Party tomorrow! :)