How We Ride

We have two modes of riding, depending on the size of the group. In the winter when groups are normally less than 200 people, we ride in winter mode, where we stay together as one big group. In the warmer months, when we’ll have upwards of 300 or more riders (sometimes up to 750!), we can’t ride safely as one group and ride in “summer mode” as many smaller “waves.”

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What makes Bike Party awesome:

  • Themed group bike rides with other people who like to ride bikes!
  • New routes every month explore all different neighborhoods and landmarks in and around Boston!
  • Bike party MUSIC played on the Bike Party sound system on every ride, with a crowd-sourced music playlist YOU and other bike partiers help create!
  • New after-party spots for socializing with other bike-partiers after every ride!

What to bring on Bike Party for maximum fun:

  • Friends!
  • Noisemakers!
  • Extra sparkly bike lights and/or shiny flare
  • Costumes! (According to our monthly ride themes)

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How we ride in a group: We stick to these simple guidelines to stay safe and to promote positive relations between cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians.

  • Stick to riding in one lane and off of sidewalks
  • Never ride the wrong-way against traffic
  • Stop at red lights and stop signs
  • Ride straight and predictably
  • Ride smart. Don’t ride inebriated or unsafely.
  • Remind others to be safe and to follow the rules of the road.
  • Stick together! It isn’t a race to the end, it’s a social ride together. If the group is held back, wait. If you fall behind, catch up!

You are responsible for your own behavior! All participants ride at their own risk.

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