Great First Ride!

YOU ARE AMAZING. THANK YOU EVERYONE for coming out and bringing the PARTY ON WHEELS: Awesome music on bikes from a playlist YOU helped create, drum-bikers on cowbell, bike lights and glow sticks bringing style, unicycles with giant wheels, and over 350 bikes total spreading smiles around South Boston…Now THAT’S what we call an incredible first ever BOSTON BIKE PARTY!!!

LET’S SEE THOSE AWESOME PHOTOS YOU TOOK! Share links to those to photos and videos on the event wall or on our Facebook page!

HUGE, HUGE THANKS to Boston Bikes, Boston Police, and Massachusetts State Police for helping to keep the group together and safe! Don’t forget to thank a Police Officer for helping make Boston Bike Party amazing if you run into them again!

STAY IN TOUCH to find out about future rides by liking Boston Bike Party on Facebook or bookmarking! E-mail us at or post on our Facebook wall!

PS. Many apologies to everyone who missed the start of the ride! We left a tad early in cooperation with Boston PD, but will do what we can to avoid confusion next time!

We love you all, see you again very soon!

-The Boston Bike Party Crew

Bike Party TONIGHT!

The bike party tonight meets in Dewey Square Plaza (across from South Station) at 7:30pm. It’s a BYOB (bring your own bike) event, but there is also a Hubway station nearby for those that want one for the evening. We won’t be riding fast, because it’s a fun, social ride with music – not a race. It’s also meant to jive with traffic, so don’t instigate anything but good times with drivers, pedestrians, and our fellow cyclists and partiers.

We will be blasting some tunes from a towed speaker system. If you want to see the list or add some songs, they are here on Spotify (if you don’t have Spotify it’s free). If you want to bring your own system with your bike, that would be great! Feel free to download our playlist from Spotify or play your own tunes, there should be plenty of room for music bikes to spread out.

More current updates about the event can be found on the Facebook event page or on Twitter via @BostonBikeParty.

Here is the route map, although if you follow the music towed by our own Jon Ramos you’ll stick with us.

View Bike Party Official 5/28 in a larger map

May Start Location Announced!

The first Boston Bike Party is going to meet at Dewey Square Plaza, near South Station in Boston.

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 Bring your bike and be ready to cruise around Boston with some other biking fans.

In case you don’t know where Dewey Square is, here’s a map:

View BBP May 2013 (official) in a larger map

If you want to keep up to date on this coming month’s event just check back here and we will post an updated route and information before the ride, or you can follow the event page on Facebook.

Here is a preview video of the Boston Bike Party predecessor, DC Bike Party, so you can get an idea of what we are shooting for!

Bike Parties are Coming to Boston!

Bike Party is a phenomenon which has grown out of San JoseCalifornia and spread across the country.  Massachusetts has a vast and diverse biking community with a lot of potential for some great social rides, and it’s about time we got a Bike Party of our own!

The idea is simple: we have fun while riding around together on bikes.  It’s a monthly social ride to make friends, hang out with fellow bikers, and promote biking in the Greater Boston area by showing all the walkers and drivers how we have a good time!

There is no cost to join us, and no obligation.  It’s just an informal bike night out around town to have fun and socialize.

Hopefully we’ll see you at the first Boston Bike Party!