Boston Bike Party: Solar System!

Join Boston Bike Party as we take a “Magic School Bike” ride through our solar system on Friday, September 14! It’ll be the coolest party this half of the Milky Way.

As we orbit through our course, we’ll dance with the eight planets (don’t worry – we also sent an honorary invite to Pluto) that make up our floating puzzle and celebrate our star at the center of it all.

Inside our moving mini-planetarium, we’ll awe at Saturn’s rings, swirl with Jupiter’s spot, and bask in Venus’ glow!

Once we complete our lap around the sun, we’ll all keep rotating our hips at a stellar after party.

You don’t want to miss this celestial bliss – gravitate toward Copley Square at 7:00 pm on Friday, September 14. We’re rolling out at 7:30 pm!

Facebook Event:

*Lookbook: coming soon!
*Playlist Suggestions:
*Route: TBD
*After Party: TBD

Artwork by Sarah Nichols

One Love (Bike Love)

Grab your swimsuits, beach balls, & flippy-floppys, because this month we are partying our way to a tropical oasis where steel drums, reggae music, and your favorite summer hits will get everyone’s bare feet stomping to the beat on the sandy beach. One Love is about gathering together and celebrating our collective love of all the joys that summertime has to offer (especially biking!) and our love for the whole Boston bike party community.

*Start: Evans Way Park! (map:
*Meet at 7:00pm, Roll out at 7:30pm
*End: South Boston (Beach)
*Route: Coming Soon!
*LookBook: Coming Soon!
*Add songs to the Spotify playlist:

*Facebook event page:

This month’s artwork by Ryn Rides & Peter Cheung! Thanks a bunch!

Winter Games!

Every four years, the world comes together for the Olympic Winter Games, and Friday February 9th we invite you to skip the opening ceremonies in Pyeongchang, and instead join us for the Boston Bike Party Winter Games.

There will be no BBP group ride this month. Instead, we’re doing something different… Winter Games. READ ON! Continue reading “Winter Games!”

Over the Rainbow!

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
And the dreams that you dream of, once in a lullaby
Somewhere over the rainbow, blue bikes fly!

This month, Bike Party celebrates humans, bikes, witches, dogs, and music spanning every shape and color of the rainbow!
Artwork by: Liza Bean

*June 8th
*7pm meet, 7:30pm roll-out!
*Union Square, Allston (Outside Jackson Mann School)
* Route:

*Facebook event:

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January 19: First Boston Bike Party of 2018!

Mark your calendars: the first Boston Bike Party of 2018 will be the THIRD Friday of the month on January 19.  There might be record-breaking frostbite-inducing temps outside but we’ll be keeping things hot for the short ride and mega after party! Stay tuned for details.

Ugly Sweaters: Lookbook

This month at Bike Party, it’s time to wear our hearts on our sleeves as we get cozy in our favorite freak-flying sweaters!

Hugged by clashing colors and delightfully dreadful designs, we will thread through the city as a blur of offbeat, toasty fashion.  Bizarre, hideous patterns will rule the night and stay right on top as our ride unravels into its afterparty, highlighted by an abundance of argyle and glimmers of glitter.  From whimsical wool to funky fleece, come warm our hearts with your tackiest textiles!

Keep reading for inspiration on how to knit together some bold styles!


Bring out your 90s colors! (source)

Continue reading “Ugly Sweaters: Lookbook”

BBP: Cats vs Dogs

On Friday, November 10th, get ready to ride with the wolf pack as Bike Party follows the scent of catnip through the maze of Boston! On this purrrfect night, we’ll adopt the energy of our favorite pets with fetching costumes and plenty of cattitude!

When the eyes of the tiger start seeing spots and stripes, we’ll paws our Incredible Journey to unleash our party animals and shake our tails to the sounds of Def Leopard, Snoop Dogg, the Cheetah Girls, & Bloodhound Gang.

Before we say fur-well, we’ll raise the ruff with a mastiff after party at Flat Top Johnny’s (1 Kendall Sq.).

Will Garfield or Snoopy bring the most laughs? Will Scooby Doo or the Pink Panther solve the mystery? Will Cat Woman or Underdog save the day? Scratch away your worries, and join this adorable litter to find out!

RSVP and invite your friends here!

Friday, November 10, 2017
Starting location: In the Back Bay Fens (TBD)
Meet at 7pm, Roll Out at 7:30pm
Lookbook: coming soon
Playlist Suggestions: coming soon
Route: TBD
After party: Flat Top Johnny’s (ruff ruff!)

Original artwork by Sarah Nichols // Animation by Peter Cheung

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BBP Presents: Science!

Get ready for a night that blends the ultimate chemistry of bikes, music, and fun! We’ve calculated the formula for a stellar ride and we’re hypothesizing that you won’t need a microscope to see how much awesomeness will go down at the best party in this solar system!

Experiment with funky bow ties at your local thrift shop and toss on some safety goggles, too! Search all the rows of the Periodic Table for an element you can emulate! Dig through your wardrobe to unearth boots and cargo shorts for a field expedition (bonus points for dinosaur-themed socks). Discover a way to attach your fourth grade science fair volcano to a bike! Curl your hair to match Ms. Frizzle and invite some friends aboard our Magic School Bus. Predict that you’ll observe infinite galaxy-print leggings, and be sure to bring lights to shine bright like the stars!

This party will be off the Richter Scale so don’t get stuck in the computer lab: gravitate toward Copley around 7 pm. Our ride will be set in motion at 7:30 and, if Newton is correct, we’ll be rolling all night long!

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Artwork by Nick Carlisle