Back Bay To The Future: LookBook

Bike Partiers, we are stuck in Back Bay and it’s the year 1985! We have got to get back to the year 2015! The good news is, we’ll be able to harness all 1.21 GIGAWATTS of BIKE POWER destined to hit Copley Square at approximately 7:30pm on Friday, January 16th! If our calculations are correct, then when Boston Bike Party hits 8.8MPH, we’ll be able to get from BACK BAY TO THE FUTURE! Bike Partiers, you’re our only hope…SEE YOU THERE!!!!

  • January 16, 2015
  • 7:30pm
  • Copley Square
  • Facebook Event (Bring friends, we’re gonna need all the gigawatts of pedal-power we can get!)

Here’s your Lookbook:

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BBP Dec ’14 – The Ice Age – LookBook

Bike Partiers,

it’s coming. We’ve been warned; the signs are all there: dropping temperatures, naked trees, frozen bike lanes…That’s right, we thought so too..Boston’s about to enter its next ICE AGE. This month, come chill with Boston Bike Party, because ain’t no party like a glacial, multi-million year (you’re gonna need a warm pair of socks!) ICE AGE Bike Party!  Check out the LookBook below for tips on how to survive this Friday’s impending ICEAGE!

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Robots vs. Dinosaurs! – LookBook

Bike Partiers,

Prehistoric evolution may have shaped T-rexes to be lean, mean, tiny-armed, fightin’ machines, but machines have evolved to go to space, reproduce themselves, and even vacuum your floors, all without the need for humans!

This month, bike party needs your help deciding which creature would be best for world-domination on bikes: robots or dinosaurs?

Check out our lookbook below to help you decide!

Garlic breath is not always a bad thing (source:

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