BBP: Cats vs Dogs

On Friday, November 10th, get ready to ride with the wolf pack as Bike Party follows the scent of catnip through the maze of Boston! On this purrrfect night, we’ll adopt the energy of our favorite pets with fetching costumes and plenty of cattitude!

When the eyes of the tiger start seeing spots and stripes, we’ll paws our Incredible Journey to unleash our party animals and shake our tails to the sounds of Def Leopard, Snoop Dogg, the Cheetah Girls, & Bloodhound Gang.

Before we say fur-well, we’ll raise the ruff with a mastiff after party at Flat Top Johnny’s (1 Kendall Sq.).

Will Garfield or Snoopy bring the most laughs? Will Scooby Doo or the Pink Panther solve the mystery? Will Cat Woman or Underdog save the day? Scratch away your worries, and join this adorable litter to find out!

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Friday, November 10, 2017
Starting location: In the Back Bay Fens (TBD)
Meet at 7pm, Roll Out at 7:30pm
Lookbook: coming soon
Playlist Suggestions: coming soon
Route: TBD
After party: Flat Top Johnny’s (ruff ruff!)

Original artwork by Sarah Nichols // Animation by Peter Cheung

Boston Bike Party: Scary vs Fairy Tales (South End Start!)

Be a part of the story and ride with Boston Bike Party in this delightfully spooky fantasy. Attach wings or a cape to your back, and we will roll together the stories that warm our hearts and chill our bones.

Grip your handlebars as we explore these gripping tales that lead us through haunted neighborhoods & enchanted underpasses. When our quest has been completed, we will crown the night with an epic after party along Carson Beach!

So turn off lights & turn on the party! Ride happily ever after with Boston Bike Party on Friday October 13th!
** Friday, October 13, 2017 **

*Meet at 7pm, Roll Out at 7:30pm
*Route: TBA
*Suggest songs for the Spotify Playlist here

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Artwork by Emily Thibodeau