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We’re Selling Sweet Bike Hoodies – Get your’s before Dec. 6!

Bike Partiers,

We are having a FLASH SALE for Bike Hoodies.

This is a one-of-kind sweatshirt. Designed by our own Boston Bike Partier, Stephanie Bianchi, the hoodie is inspired from our September 2014 Ride “Boston Bike Party Goes to College!”

Hoodies are on sale for $33!
Six different colors to choose from and they are warm!

Sale starts TODAY! and lasts till Tuesday, December 6th.
Get them while they’re HOT! Delivery by December 24th.

To order your Bike Hoodie, click HERE


BBP Organizers

Bike Party Winter Styles: Aleta Wiley

photo (7)-002

We suspected Aleta was awesome when she showed up to our Novembeard VS. Movember ride with 100 cupcakes and fed 100 bike partiers with happiness baked to perfection. Our suspicion was confirmed when she kept coming on bike party rides even as temperatures dipped well below freezing! This week in our ongoing “Bike Party Winter Styles” series of blog posts, Aleta Wiley shares her secrets to staying warm AND windproof while riding her bike this winter:

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Bike Party Winter Styles: Amy Leung

Dear Bike Partiers,

You continue to impress us by showing up to our rides even in the winter! How do you keep riding even when the temperature gets below freezing, we wondered! So we figured we’d ask some of you to solve this mystery.

Today we catch up with Bike Partier Amy Leung, who helps Bike Party take fantastic photos on rides (photos by Bo Daley).



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