Cabin Fever – Lookbook

Turn your Cabin Fever into Dance Fever at Bike Party this month!

If winter has you feeling cooped up, join us for a toasty adventure as we follow the aroma of hot cocoa through the city bustle to our secret oasis of warmth, love, and bike friends. Flannels and down vests will be all the rage as the night stars twinkle in our bike reflectors.

You can leave the trail mix at home: there will be mountains of FREE FOOD to share over campfire stories at our extra epic after party! Shake out your restlessness on the dance floor as special guest DJ Camilo cranks up the thermostat with fiery beats that will keep your hiking boots stompin’.

* Friday, January 13, 2017
* Meet at Copley at 7pm; roll out at 7:30pm
* Ride Playlist Submissions:
* Route: coming soon!
* After Party: SlumBrew at Assembly Row (Orange T station is very close for those wanting an alternative to biking home!)
* Become a BBP volunteer:
* Collaborative artwork by Jon Ramos, Nick Carlisle, and Mike McCaw

You won’t want to hibernate through this one, so check out your lookbook below for ideas!

Get ready to dance your ax off!

lumberjack03(image source)

But don’t get too close to your archnemesis…

lumberjack04(image source)

…cause we’re gonna ride through the night on our way to chop down some…

lumberjack01(image source)

…poor trees!  Oh noooooo….

tree04 tree05(image source 1) (image source 2)

Then we’ll ride them all the way to Bike Party…

tree01 tree02(image source 1) (image source 2)

…where, along the way, we’ll have to watch out for some pesky snow creatures.  Eep!

snowman01 snowman02(image source 1) (image source 2)

But have no fear, you can be a helpful scout…

scout01(image source)

…and guide us to the warmth of the cabin (I guess Honest Abe will be there too?)…

cabin01(image source)

…where we can sit by the fireplace to stay warm and cozy!

campfire02(image source)

Or, head back outside with all your gear…

campfire04 campfire05(image source 1) (image source 2)

…cause we’ll have a roaring campfire going…

campfire01(image source)

…and you can sooth your tummy with some yummy s’mores!

smores01 smores03(image source 1) (image source 2)

But… uh oh!  It’s getting cold outside!  Better head back in…

fever02(image source)

…for a nice warm cup of hot chocolate!

smores02-hotcoca(image source)

See ya there, Bike Partiers, and stay warm!

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