Boston Bike Party Presents: RIOT GRRRL!


This month, in collaboration with RAWRbikes (Really Awesome Women Riding Bikes!), Boston Bike Party is celebrating Grrrls who love music, parties, bikes, courage, & Grrrrrrrrrrrl Power! Join us for an awesome ride with friends and music followed by an after-party!

Riot Grrrl started as a movement to encourage women to make their own place in a male-dominated scene. Women-led rock bands like Bikini Kill torched the way by proving beyond a doubt that GRRRLS everywhere can be strong leaders, make change, and rock hard!


    • **NEW THIS MONTH*** Meet at:  Copley Square (in front of Trinity Church)

    • Departure Time: ROLL OUT at 7:45pm. Arrive early!

    • Route:(1 hour ride)

    • After-Party: Bella Luna / Milky Way in JP (Woman owned and operated! Kitchen closes at 10, so be sure to place food orders as soon as we arrive if you’re looking for some good eats. This location is very close to Stony Brook T-Stop, so you can enjoy the party and take the worry free way home.)


Biking shouldn’t be a sausage-fest

We want to encourage women to have a safe space to ride bikes, and Riot Grrrl is a grassroots movement born out of a need to challenge sexism in punk rock and in greater society.  When several female musicians created a zine in response to derogatory treatment of women in musical lyrics and other media, they used DIY magazines, conventions, and song lyrics as mediums to promote female empowerment and address patriarchy, demands for female body perfection, racism, and domestic abuse. This month we’re using bikes and music to unite men and women alike to show Women can be rock hard and be leaders!

Girls can rock out together in the front!

On this ride, GRRRLS RULE. In the spirit of Riot Grrrl punk rock shows, where girls took over the male-aggressive mosh pit to better enjoy the show, we will embrace the “Girls to the Front!” battle cry and have the women of RAWR bikes lead the way.

Embrace the RIOT look! Check out the Riot Grrrl fashion on these women world changers.

Rock out like Bikini Kill, and show you’re ready to dance hard and sing your face off: image08

Check out Joan Jett and Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna belting out their call for revolution. (source):


Did you know Carrie Brownstein (from Portlandia) is a Riot Grrrl?  She jammed with both Excuse 17 and Sleater-Kinney!  (source): image06

Don’t mess with Bratmobile! (source): image15

You can’t get much cooler than Corin Tucker!  She declared that “the whole point of Riot Grrrl is that we were able to rewrite feminism for the 21st century.”  Yeah, grrrl!  (source, quote source):


With both grrrls and guys in the lineup, Huggy Bear knows how to get down!  (source)image09

This is why we riot.  Get pumped, get fierce, get real!  (source):image14

We’ll have some rrradical women of our own joining us on this ride!  Keep an eye out for the these two RAWR rebels – Cindy and Lauren – at the front!  (Don’t worry, they won’t leave you in the dust…this time!)  (source, source):




See you at Copley on Tuesday!  These grrrls may rock ‘round the clock but remember, at 7:45 Bike Party rrrrrrrrroll outs, sharrrrp!