Boston Bike Party Goes To College – LookBook

In Boston, something very special happen every September. A great migration of colorful, beautiful, free-spirits flock to the city from all over the world in search of improving their lives, while also coming of age. This month, we welcome you to join us in this soul-searching adventure on bikes, because this month, Boston Bike Party Goes to College!

  • Friday, Sept. 12, 2014
  • Copley Square
  • Ride Departs at 7:30pm
  • Facebook Event Page
  • Route & After Party location coming soon

Here’s your inspiration for coming prepared to Bike Party this month:

college pennants
We’re Number Fun! We’re Number Fun!

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(Image source:

swagga suit
Break out that college onesie! (image source:
Make some NOOOISE! (image source:

bu terrier vs bc eagle
Let’s be friends! (image source:



BYOB (Bring your own bike!) (Image source:

We promise, going back to college with Boston Bike Party will feel less like this:

and more like this:

graduation diplomas