Boston Bike Party Gives Thanks

Bike Partiers,

It’s hard for me to imagine a Boston before Bike Party (what was I even doing with my life on 2nd Fridays of every month if not dressing up as a Fung Wah bus to ride bikes with hundreds of people?!) , but just eighteen months ago, Boston Bike Party was nothing more than a neat idea I was discussing with two others over margaritas at Lone Star Taco Bar in Allston.  Eighteen Bike Parties later we have many people to be thankful for who have helped make Boston Bike Party possible:

First, thank YOU for continuing to show up to our bike rides and making it awesome.

The start of “Boston T Party”

Boston Bike Party wouldn’t be much of a party if nobody showed up for it.  So thank you for adding  the Miley Cyrus mashup of “Party and Bullsh*t” to our “Boston Bike Party Goes To College” playlist. For wearing red socks to “Boston Red Socks,”

bbp red socks
Photo: Sarah Nichols)

For keeping it classy at “Bike Prom,

(Photo: Amy Leung)

For keeping us informed about MBTA service alerts at “Boston T Party,”

(Photo: Sarah Nichols)

For waving your flags with us at “Le Tour de Flags,

Photo: Mikk Olli

and for launching this dog into space with us at “A Space Odyssey” this month:

space dog 2
(Photo: Sarah Nichols)

Seriously, stay awesome, Bike Partiers.

Thanks to all the volunteers who actively help make Bike Party fun and safe every single month. Behind the scenes of every monthly bike party ride is completely volunteer-run production that involves a concerted effort of volunteers like myself to make Bike Party rides a reality. This includes all the folks who volunteer a tremendous amount of time and effort to help with brainstorming party themes, designing graphics (huge shoutouts to Mikk Olli, Sarah Nichols, Stephanie Bianchi, and Robert Mulak for their amazing illustration and design work) , blog posts, tweets, route planning, and ride marshaling.

This is Peter, bike party safety team extraordinaire, keeping the bike party safe.

Thanks to all the local businesses and venues who have helped keep the Bike Party going. 

Every month, we’ve been extremely fortunate to have the cooperation of various bars and venue spaces in the Boston area who graciously put up with hundreds of bike partiers laying down their smiles and dance moves in their fine establishments. We’ve also been very fortunate to have the help of BikeSafeBoston and Hub Bicycle Co. sponsor the creation of one of our Bike Party sound systems!

Boston Bike Party takes over Wonderbar for “Bike Prom”

Thanks to Elodie Garcia,for bringing Bike Party to Boston by way of DC Bike Party

When Elodie moved to Boston from Washington DC, she quickly realized a piece of her soul was missing; it was the piece that went on fun monthly bike rides with DC Bike Party, so she decided to do something about it here. And thank goodness she did.

elodie garcia cycle style2013-07-09-8225
Elodie Garcia (Photo: Nathaniel Fink,

Thanks to San Jose Bike Party, the O.G. of the worldwide Bike Party movement,  and all the other bike parties of the world.

Boston Bike Party isn’t the product of one person or one idea, but the evolution of many ideas with the help of many people. Even though we brought Bike Parties to Boston in May 2013, “Bike Parties” as we know it began in San Jose back in 2007, a “one-half political party, one-half street party – made up of all types of bicyclists and human-powered transportation advocates who celebrate and build community in a monthly ride that must be experienced to be understood.” We stick to these core Bike Party values here in Boston, and as Bike Parties popping up all over the world, they do as well. Check out this sweet map of all the Bike Parties around the world:

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 11.45.01 PM

I guess what I’m trying say is, I’m just thankful to know what mode I need to be in on the second Friday of every month:

Sara Wasserman’s robot in “Robots VS. Dinosaurs” (Photo: Amy Leung)

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