Boogie Lights – LookBook

Bike Partiers!

Feelin’ the night fever?  Come celebrate Summer with a trip down to funky town! Grab some vintage threads, string up those neon lights, and get ready to boogie ‘cause Boston Bike Party is turning this city into a disco inferno. We’ll start hustlin’ at 7:30pm and keep groovin’ all night long!

  • Friday, June 12, 7:30pm; departs from Copley Square
  • Facebook Event
  • Suggest songs on the collaborative playlist here.
  • After Party: BYOB (Bring Your Own Boogie!*)  Dance the night away into the wee hours at City Point Beach in South Boston.
  • *Use your imagination for what the second “B” can also stand for, but please remember to carry out what you bring in!

    Here’s your lookbook, in 3+ simple steps… (Step 2 will blow your mind!!)

    Step 1: Disco til you drop!

    Mirror, mirror on the wall; it’s a helmet disco ball! (image source)
    Holy kaboople!  Groovy, quadrupled!! (image source)

    Step 2: Light up the night!

    Visibility is hip!  Invisibility is for squares.  (image source)
    Sustainability is groovy!  Mindless inefficiency is for dweebs.  (image source)
    Luminous glow is for winners!  A dark, hollow emptiness is for… non-winners. (image source)

    Step 3: Party like it’s 40 years ago!

    Ah, the 70’s. When bodily shrink-wrap corduroy was the fashion trend du jour, and polyester shirt collars stretched across multiple zip codes. (image source)
    If your bracelets aren’t made of questionably toxic plastic, you’re doing it wrong.  Also, break out those funky biking shoes! (image source)
    Farrah’s got the fever! Do you?! (image source)
    Non-motorized four-wheelers are more than welcome!  Roll with us and show us your moves. (image source)

    Step 3.1: Do a little dance!

    Brick House! (image source)

    Step 3.2: Make a little love!

    Peace, love, and floral bikey awesomeness. (image source)

    Step 3.3: GET DOWN TONIGHT!!

    Ain’t no way you can out-dance this couple. But we won’t fault you for trying! (image source)

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