Bike Party Winter Styles: Amy Leung

Dear Bike Partiers,

You continue to impress us by showing up to our rides even in the winter! How do you keep riding even when the temperature gets below freezing, we wondered! So we figured we’d ask some of you to solve this mystery.

Today we catch up with Bike Partier Amy Leung, who helps Bike Party take fantastic photos on rides (photos by Bo Daley).



How did you first hear about bike party?
I first heard about Bike Party on Twitter; I think it was actually one of @bikesafeboston’s tweets! I really enjoyed the first ever Boston Bike Party event back in May last year; it was a novelty for me to ride in a big group, with music, purely for fun! I’ve met loads of cool people and discovered different areas of the city through Bike Party. I help out with photography for the events; taking pics in cold temperatures is a bit of a challenge…!
Do you have a favorite Bike Party ride or moment?

I really enjoyed the June event. There was a lot of rain but I loved splashing through giant puddles on the bike, and the party stop under Zakim Bridge was awesome; I didn’t know there was a park and a light installation in that area!

What kind of bike do you ride in the winter?
On most days I ride my normal commuter bike (a Trek hybrid), but when it’s sub-zero ºC I am happier on my little folding bike with 20” wheels- it’s got thick tires (45mm) and the centre of gravity is very low which makes me feel a bit more stable, especially if there’s a bit of ice on the roads. I guess lowering your seatpost on your normal bike would have the same kind of effect!


What do you do to stay warm?
My winter bike gear isn’t very different to what I normally wear when I’m outside for a walk – a standard winter waterproof jacket and a big scarf, and normal clothes underneath. It’s definitely important to have layers on your feet and hands though- I wear double gloves (winter biking gloves and a cheap pair of men’s wool gloves over the top) and ski-socks and tights underneath my jeans. Dressing like this has kept me warm on the bike in -15ºC!

What is your (or your bike’s) spirit animal?
My trek commuter is called Godzilla! It isn’t actually very intimidating or radioactive but the name suits it somehow.