Bike Party Winter Styles: Aleta Wiley

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We suspected Aleta was awesome when she showed up to our Novembeard VS. Movember ride with 100 cupcakes and fed 100 bike partiers with happiness baked to perfection. Our suspicion was confirmed when she kept coming on bike party rides even as temperatures dipped well below freezing! This week in our ongoing “Bike Party Winter Styles” series of blog posts, Aleta Wiley shares her secrets to staying warm AND windproof while riding her bike this winter:

How did you find out about bike party?

Someone told my friend about Bike Party early last summer, and she went to the July ride to check it out. She loved it so I joined her for the September Back to School party, and now we’re both hooked.

Do you have a favorite bike party ride/moment that stands out?

Making 100 cupcakes for everyone when Bike Party coincided with my birthday . . . which was made even better when I met other people who also were celebrating their birthdays with BBP, and I had birthday cupcakes to give them!

What kind of bike do you ride in the winter?

My only one, a Fuji road bike. I’m jealous of Cambridge riders who still get to ride Hubway (Boston’s bike-share system).

winter styles aleta wiley clothes
Layers, layers, layers! Bike lights, and hand warmers (just in case!)

How do you stay warm while biking with 100 cupcakes in the cold and coming on sub-freezing Bike Party rides?

For commuting: fleece-lined leggings, knee-high SmartWool socks, those cool ear muffs that wrap around the back of your neck (so they don’t get in the way of a helmet). A neck gator to pull over my nose and mouth if it’s windy.

Really, just the same things I would wear if I were walking to the bus stop on a cold day. Sometimes I’m still cold; I deal. It makes hot chocolate taste better.

For bike party: all the warm neon running clothes I own, all at once, plus a pair of hand warmers.

What’s your (or your bike’s) spirit animal?

When I got my bike 5 years ago, I named her Affy, short for Affligem. Apparently, my bike’s spirit animal is a Belgian beer.

You can follow Aleta on Twitter where she shares her life as a self-described “Budding epidemiologist running, bike commuting, and baking my way through Boston.”