BBP Presents: Boston Red Socks! – Spoke Cards

This month for Boston Red Socks! we enlisted the graphic prowess of Bike Partier and local graphic designer Stephanie Bianchi, who summed up the awesomeness of wearing red socks in Boston for our spoke cards:

bostonredsocks_spoke card
Photo: Amy Leung
Photo: Emilia Deimezis
Photo: Emelia Deimezis

Here’s Stephanie rocking the red at the ride:

Photo: Sarah Nichols
Photo: Sarah Nichols

We asked Stephanie what her bike’s spirit animal was, and she said:

Freddie Mercury. He was pretty flamboyant when I bought him – leopard print seat, moustache handlebars… everything!

Which is pretty fitting given if you ever meet Steph in person you’ll notice the rainbow of creativity shooting out of her head:

Photo: Stephanie Bianchi

You can check out more of Stephanie’s work at or connect with her on: Twitter| Flickr | LinkedIn |Behance