BBP May 2014: Boston Bike Party Turns One! – Lookbook

Bike Partiers,

Throw on your party hats and bake some cupcakes, because this month, BOSTON BIKE PARTY TURNS ONE, and you’re invited to celebrate with us for the best birthday party on wheels ever!

Below is the lookbook for Boston Bike Party Turns One, your inspiration for how to party with us on this ride. (hint: do you love cupcakes, balloons, and party hats? We do!)

We ride FRIDAY, May 9th, rolling out from Copley Sq. outside Trinity Church at 8pm.

  • Playlist: Submit music to our collaborative ride playlist!
  • Route + After-Party: Keep the birthday party rolling with us after the ride! This month: Climbing + Beer!
bike cupcakes 1

Bring a bike partier a birthday cupcake, make a new friend forever. (On our November ride, Aleta Wiley brought bike partiers 100 cupcakes…are you ready to top that(with frosting?) )  
Image Source:


Make some NOISE, we’re turning ONE!
Image via SF BIke Party


This biker knows how to celebrate a birthday.
Image via SF Bike Party 

Please don’t accept balloons from any scary clowns you may encounter on the ride (unless of course, you are a clown) Image via


We do not discriminate against cupcakes of unusually large size!
Image Source


Safety First!
Image Source


Party hats: optional. Fun: mandatory.
Image via SF Bike Party


Keep calm and neon.
Image source


Sweet ride.


Birthday suits (and cupcakes) welcome.
Image Source


Bring your biggest smile.
(This is the smile of Elodie Garcia, who founded Boston Bike Party a year ago. Even though she’s since left Boston to travel the world, her smile lives on in Boston Bike Party forever!)
Photo:Nathaniel Fink


‘Cuz Boston Bike Party Turns One!

This month’s LookBook was a collaborative effort by the Boston Bike Party LookBook Cookbook, and is brought to you by the letter “B.”

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