Boston Bike Party: Steampunk vs. Cyberpunk

The next Boston Bike Party is Friday, October 12th!

Hop aboard your high-wheelers and velo-mechs to show the streets of Boston which technofantasy future we must escape to: 1890 or 1980.

We are the intersection of technology and romance. We are the nightriders of the steam age and the cyber era. Slip on that leather, strap on the combat boots, harden up the mohawks, and don the monacles for a punk ride like no other!
Start: Copley Square

Our party zeppelins will guide the way blasting the neon dystopian tunes – add your suggestions here:

Roll with us to Wonderland and we’ll show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.  (JK not actually riding to Wonderland)

Artwork by Robert Mulak

Over the Rainbow!

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
And the dreams that you dream of, once in a lullaby
Somewhere over the rainbow, blue bikes fly!

This month, Bike Party celebrates humans, bikes, witches, dogs, and music spanning every shape and color of the rainbow!
Artwork by: Liza Bean

*June 8th
*7pm meet, 7:30pm roll-out!
*Union Square, Allston (Outside Jackson Mann School)
* Route:

*Facebook event:

Boston Bike Party: Spandex (Cambridge Start!)

The next Boston Bike Party is Friday, September 8th!

Ride with Boston Bike Party as we GLOW across Cambridge & Somerville on Friday, September 8. Whether you’re a jock on the sports field, a glam-rocker, a jazzerciser, or a Trekkie, it’s time to bust out the most synthetically fabulous of all clothing: SPANDEX!

Be a part of our fluorescent and neon streak as we rewind our mixtape back to the 80s and book-it down the streets.

We’ll make stops along the way for everyone to show off their best moves as we warm up for a final round of dancing at our rad outdoor after-party near Assembly Square. The fun will stretch deep into the night!

Wrestle through your closet to find a lycra leotard, some sparkling stockings, or whatever else makes you feel ravishingly radiant!**


A Starry Night in Dorchester

Starlight, star bright, so many bikes I see tonight 
Starlight, (star bright) make everything alright 
Starlight, star bright, Bike Party is tonight 
Starlight, (star bright) ooo yeah 

You must be my lucky wheels 
‘Cause you make this city really appeal
And if I’m lost a Bike Partier will be my guide 
I just roll along and you’re all by my side . . .

Join us for the next Bike Party as we continue our Summer Tour of Boston! This month, we’ll be exploring the roads of Dorchester late into the Starry Night!

Friday, August 11, 2017
Meet at 7:00pm, Allen Park, Dorchester (78 Winter Street)
Route: Coming Soon!
Lookbook: Coming Soon!
Submit your Playlist suggestions:

Artwork by Nick Carlisle
Lyrics adapted from Madonna’s 1st studio album

We’re Selling Sweet Bike Hoodies – Get your’s before Dec. 6!

Bike Partiers,

We are having a FLASH SALE for Bike Hoodies.

This is a one-of-kind sweatshirt. Designed by our own Boston Bike Partier, Stephanie Bianchi, the hoodie is inspired from our September 2014 Ride “Boston Bike Party Goes to College!”

Hoodies are on sale for $33!
Six different colors to choose from and they are warm!

Sale starts TODAY! and lasts till Tuesday, December 6th.
Get them while they’re HOT! Delivery by December 24th.

To order your Bike Hoodie, click HERE


BBP Organizers

Boston Bike Party Presents: Stars vs Stripes

In the course of human events, whenever it becomes necessary to solve a fashion debate as old as time, we turn to you, trusty bike partiers, for help: what’s the most fashionable pattern to represent one’s team, nation, or self in the month of July? Stars? those little specs in the night sky that represent dreams and galaxies far away? or Stripes? Those alternating bars of color that represent the solid, predictable, stability of color that keeps us grounded, A zebra’s unique survival asset?

Bring out your stars, stripes, or if you’re unsure, both!, and prove to us which pattern shines best!

*Ride playlist submissions

Boston Bike Party Presents: DOUBLE RAINBOW

They say

At the end of a rainbow lies a pot of gold.
Somewhere over a rainbow, bluebirds fly
That people come in all shapes and sizes, colors, and sexuality
but sometimes, in June, something so beautiful, it’s hard to deny:

Oh…. My….God….it’s a full on complete double rainbow all the way across the sky!


*This month we return to TURN-MARSHALLING, where we STOP at Red Lights and Stop signs, and turn when you see turn marshal volunteers.
*No after-party destination! We’ll have two outdoor party stops, and end at the second one!


*Date: 6/10/16
*Time: 7pm meet, 7:30pm Rollout!
*Location: Copley Sq
*LookBook: TBD
*Playlist Submissions (follow and add music you’d like to hear on the ride!):

*Facebook Event:

BBP Presents: Science!

Get ready for a night that blends the ultimate chemistry of bikes, music, and fun! We’ve calculated the formula for a stellar ride and we’re hypothesizing that you won’t need a microscope to see how much awesomeness will go down at the best party in this solar system!

Experiment with funky bow ties at your local thrift shop and toss on some safety goggles, too! Search all the rows of the Periodic Table for an element you can emulate! Dig through your wardrobe to unearth boots and cargo shorts for a field expedition (bonus points for dinosaur-themed socks). Discover a way to attach your fourth grade science fair volcano to a bike! Curl your hair to match Ms. Frizzle and invite some friends aboard our Magic School Bus. Predict that you’ll observe infinite galaxy-print leggings, and be sure to bring lights to shine bright like the stars!

This party will be off the Richter Scale so don’t get stuck in the computer lab: gravitate toward Copley around 7 pm. Our ride will be set in motion at 7:30 and, if Newton is correct, we’ll be rolling all night long!

Artwork by Nick Carlisle