Boston Bike Party Goes on Tour!

This summer, Boston Bike Party is changing things up!

Gather your favorite road trip playlists, dig out your maps, and pack some snacks ’cause we’re bringing the love to five new starting locations this summer! That’s right: we’re taking a vacation from Copley and beginning our ride in different spots this May, June, July, August and September.

Our tour stops this summer will be:
May 12: Jamaica Plain
June 9:  Allston
July 14: East Boston
Aug 11: Dorchester
Sept 8: Cambridge/Somerville

As always, we will be sharing all the details as they are planned. Specific meet up spots will be announced a few weeks before each ride!

So please follow us on Facebook & Twitter to stay up-to-date on all important ride details, and check this website for slightly slower announcements.

Boston Bike Party: Re-cycles!

This month we’re celebrating our lovely earth and invite you and your bike to reduce, reuse and re-CYCLE! Spending too much time on the couch rather than coming out to bike party? Reduce! Have a sweet bike party costume you’ve been looking for an excuse to wear? Reuse! Have some soda cans that could look great on a bike wheel? Or cardboard boxes that need to be turned into bike-riding robots? Re-CYCLE!

* Friday, April 14th, 2017
* Meet at Copley Square at 7pm; roll out at 7:30pm
* Ride Playlist Submissions: click here for collaborative Spotify playlist
* After Party: Flat Top Johnny’s, 1 Kendall Square, Cambridge MA
* Become a BBP volunteer:
*RSVP, invite your friends, and get up-to-date news for this event on our Facebook page!

Artwork by Nick Carlisle

Revolutionaries – Lookbook

On Friday, March 10th, Boston Bike Party will take to the streets to celebrate and honor revolutions of all kinds!

Click here for details on the Event & click here to RSVP and invite your friends on Facebook!

*** Boston Bike Party loves creative, thematic costumes, but also encourages participants to be conscientious of the potential for cultural appropriation and to reflect before choosing what you wear or display. ***

With that said, here’s your Lookbook to get the gears revolvin’ . . .

TBD (source: link here)
Don’t throw away your shot . . . to channel your favorite Hamilton look!  (source)

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Boston Bike Party: Revolutionaries

Have you heard the news going around? This month’s Bike Party will be revolutionary!

With spoke cards orbiting our hubs, we will pedal our loving bicycles deep into the movies, books, songs, and movements where change has been – or is being – made!

As we spin through the streets, we will celebrate the spirit of resistance by sporting Princess Leia’s buns and Katniss’s braid, by channeling the power of organizing youth with robes and wands from Hogwarts, and by singing along with Beyonce’s demands for justice while rocking bold leotards.

Whether it’s real or fiction (or a planetary / wheel pun…), come represent a revolution close to your heart!

* Friday, March 10, 2017
* Meet at Copley at 7pm; roll out at 7:30

*Facebook Event: RSVP & invite your friends!
* Ride Playlist Submissions: coming soon!
* Route: TBA
* After Party: TBA
* Lookbook: coming soon!
* Artwork by Sarah Nichols

** Important Note: Cultures are not costumes. If you wish to honor those of a real-life movement in which you are not centered, please be conscientious of how you do so and reflect before choosing what you wear/display. (Consider reading this article for a basic introduction to cultural appropriation:

With the current heaviness of the world, this is intended to be a fun night to celebrate, refresh, and unite our community while still recognizing the serious challenges that loom & the rebellious energy that is needed. While Boston Bike Party is a fun event, we encourage you to engage in concrete action & investment to support the current revolutions demanding human rights.

Stranger Boston – Lookbook

Excited for Boston Bike Party: Stranger Boston on October 14th and ready to start planning your costume?

Here’s your lookbook for inspiration . . .

spoiler alert: Haven’t binge-watched Stranger Things yet AND wondering why grocery stores are running out of Eggos (aside from the Listeria outbreak)? Find out the connection at Bike Party!

Who ya' gonna call? Some badass ghostbusters, that's who. (ref)
Who ya’ gonna call? Some badass ghostbusters, that’s who. (source)

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Boston Bike Party: Stranger Boston

This October, Bike Party is adventuring to new dimensions. We’ll visit the Upside-Down, open the Hellmouth, and bust some ghosts as we bravely pedal our bikes to outride the zombies, werewolves, and other Big Bads of the Strange Boston night. We’ll need some rogue FBI agents, vampire slayers, and telekinetic powers to ward off the smoke monsters, aliens, and demogorgons. Anyone have a compass? Magnetic fields never fail. There’s no question if you should stay or you should go now; join us in exploring a Stranger Boston . . .

Friday, October 14, 2016
Meet at Copley Square at 7:00pm; 7:30pm we ride!
Facebook event: RSVP & invite your friends!
Lookbook: Find costume inspiration here!
Route: TBA
Party stops: TBA
Playlist submissions: Add requests on Spotify here!

Dreams vs. Nightmares – Lookbook

Bike Partiers,

This month, unicorns will frolic among the monsters hiding under your bed as we follow the sandman into the night! We’ll trek through lollipop forests and ghoul-filled graveyards so grab your pajamas and tuck yourself in for a magical adventure: this is gonna be the best slumber party yet.

Friday, November 13
Meet at Copley Sq., 7:00pm
Facebook Event: Click here!

Here’s your Lookbook . . .

We’ll be counting sheep all night long. (source:)
No matter how many sheep you count, you won’t fall asleep at this bike party. (source)

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BBP Presents: BOSTON – Route, Fun, & Safety

Hey Bostonians, no one will be the new kid on the block after riding with 500 of the coolest people in this fine city!  We’re expecting a super-sized crowd for this ride so Summer Mode is still in effect. Use those red lights to make sure Boston Bike Party is a place where everyone knows your name, and then let the good times roll!

Friday, September 11, 2015
Meet at Copley Square at 7:30pm, ride at 8!

Check out our wicked cool route for this month’s party here!

What is Summer Mode?  Summer mode is a more laid back way to enjoy biking in the city on these hot summer nights.  We stop at red lights and we stay behind cars at red lights (aka: please no filtering) so that cars have a way out instead of getting trapped by our swarm.  Just like us animals, drivers don’t like being trapped… bad things happen when animals get trapped… so let’s just avoid it by offering car drivers a way out.

bbp summer mode web 2

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BBP Gone Wild – Route, Fun, & Safety

We’re expecting another awesomely large pack of Bike Party Animals this month, so once again Summer Mode will be in full effect!

Check out our awesome, new route for this month’s party here!

What is Summer Mode?  Summer mode is a more laid back way to enjoy biking in the city on these hot summer nights.  We stop at red lights and we stay behind cars at red lights (aka: please no filtering) so that cars have a way out instead of getting trapped by our swarm.  Just like us animals, drivers don’t like being trapped… bad things happen when animals get trapped… so let’s just avoid it by offering car drivers a way out.

bbp summer mode web 2

Why Summer Mode, what’s wrong with corking?  It’s mostly for the safety of our volunteer team. When Bike Party was smaller, the group could make it through an intersection in just one or two changes of the light… sure car drivers were mildly annoyed (and we were ok with that) but when we get 400+ riders, it can take 5,6,7 or more changes of the light, and drivers sometimes get road rage, and our volunteer intersection marshals would take the brunt of that anger. We had more than a few occasions where things got scary.  Road Rage is the opposite of fun.

Now riding in Summer Mode, volunteers still might hold traffic briefly to let a large group of riders cross a particular intersection. Then, using their sound judgment, these volunteers will direct the rest of the bike partiers to wait momentarily to let cars go by. Please follow directions from volunteers to maximize Fun and Safety!

Note: If we come upon police officers, follow their directions. If they motion us to continue through a red light, it’s ok to go ahead! Be sure to say thanks, smile, and give them a “Bike Partaaaaay!” holla.

But I might get lost! You won’t!  We’ll have a volunteer at all the turns!  So just keep riding straight until you see a turn marshal telling you when to turn.  We also have a dedicated sweep rider to keep the stragglers from getting dropped.  The Sweep Rider will be carrying a broom.  So just kick back and enjoy the ride without worrying about getting left behind.

Ride the wave!  Stopping at red lights means that we’ll get divvied up into manageable “waves”.  The average wave should be about 50-100 people, so it’ll still be a party!  For maximum fun, find a music trailer, and stick with that wave!

What if my bike breaks down? We’ll make sure you don’t get lost, but we can’t stay long enough to fix your bike if you have a problem.  You’ll have to support yourself in the event of a bike meltdown. But don’t worry, we never ride too far away from public transit, taxi cabs, uber, or a quick call to your mom if your bike falls apart.  As always we encourage you to bring the stuff you need to fix a flat tire and do the ABC Quick Check before you ride.

And NOW, a graphical representation of how to enjoy Summer Mode!

Special thanks to Baltimore Bike Party for letting us borrow their graphics and stuff.


Staying behind cars waiting at intersections will allow them to stay out of our group. It’s not Boston Bikes & Cars Party, we want our group to be exclusive to us awesome bike riders.


Do not filter through the cars.  This is a dangerous move in a group.  Sure you might be able to cut in front of the car(s) but the 80 people behind you might not be able to.  This runs the risk of having someone stuck next to a car in their blind spot when the light changes, and even more so splits up your wave of riders with cars in the middle!  Just stick behind the traffic and stay together.


Even if you come up next to one vehicle on a multi-lane street, it’s best to stay behind the front of that car.  You don’t know when they may accelerate or want to make a turn.


Don’t crowd around cars, blocking them in.  Let the car have the ability to pull out in front of your group and not be trapped in the middle of the party.


Ride ONLY in lanes of traffic going your direction.  If there is traffic going both directions, especially on streets with only 1 lane each way, it is EXTREMELY important to stay in OUR lane.  Riding against traffic is one of the most dangerous things you can do.  It may look like no car is coming at the moment, but someone could turn into that lane at any moment without seeing you.  Just don’t do it, let’s stay in our own lanes and stay safe!


Stay off the sidewalks.  They are for pedestrians, little old ladies, and kiddos playing hopscotch.  There is no need for us to risk barreling over any of them.   Even if the sidewalk looks nice and wide, we have enough numbers where it’s safe to be in the street, let’s leave the sidewalks for others.

The Birds and The Bees – Lookbook

Bike Partiers,

It’s time for the birds and the bees to start pollinatin’ if you catch our buzz. Grab your yellow jackets, put some petals on your pedals, and get ready to soar with this amazing flock! After taking flight, we’ll shake our tail feathers at a party nest and swarm our way to some sweet sweet nectar at the after party!

Friday, April 10, 7:30pm
Departs from Copley Square
Facebook Event
Route: 8 miles
After Party: Flat Top Johnny’s (Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA)

Here’s your lookbook . . .
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