BBP Presents: Treasure Island!


Ahoy, Bike Parrrtiers!

Are ye feeling parrot-brained while treasure-hunting on yer lonesome? Need some inspiring sea shanties to sing  yer scurvy blues away? Are ye ‘fraid of the open sea but love eating coconuts? Never fear! All ye pirates and land lubbers alike arrrr welcome at Boston Bike Party Treasure Island!

Join us, mateys, as we pillage and plunder on our two-wheeled ships through the streets of this fair city! We may find hidden treasures and island wonders on our voyage, but watch out for the natives — aye, they’re a lively bunch! ARRRR!!

  • Friday July 10th, 7:30pm
  • Facebook Event
  • Tell us yer favorite sea shanties here
  • After parrrty…only found by treasure map!

Here’s a lookbook to get ye lookin’ like a right beauty:

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Boogie Lights – LookBook

Bike Partiers!

Feelin’ the night fever?  Come celebrate Summer with a trip down to funky town! Grab some vintage threads, string up those neon lights, and get ready to boogie ‘cause Boston Bike Party is turning this city into a disco inferno. We’ll start hustlin’ at 7:30pm and keep groovin’ all night long!

  • Friday, June 12, 7:30pm; departs from Copley Square
  • Facebook Event
  • Suggest songs on the collaborative playlist here.
  • After Party: BYOB (Bring Your Own Boogie!*)  Dance the night away into the wee hours at City Point Beach in South Boston.
  • *Use your imagination for what the second “B” can also stand for, but please remember to carry out what you bring in!

    Here’s your lookbook, in 3+ simple steps… (Step 2 will blow your mind!!)
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    Let’s Be Twinsies – Lookbook

    Bike Partiers,

    Get ready to double the pleasure & double the fun! Boston Bike Party turns two this month so find a buddy, or 2 or 3 or 4, and declare, “Let’s Be Twinsies!”

    With our doppelgangers by our side, we’ll experience deja vu with a Bike Party highlights tour of Boston. Maybe we’ll find Waldo and replicate some sheep. Perhaps we’ll spot celebrity duos while avoiding an attack of the clones. Either way, we’re sure to be like peas in a pod rolling down the double-laned roads of Boston. Get ready for the Terrific Twos!

    Suggest songs on the collaborative playlist here:

    Friday, May 8, 7:30pm
    Departs from Copley Square
    Facebook Event
    After Party: Flat Top Johnny’s, 1 Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

    Here’s your lookbook…

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    The Birds and The Bees – Lookbook

    Bike Partiers,

    It’s time for the birds and the bees to start pollinatin’ if you catch our buzz. Grab your yellow jackets, put some petals on your pedals, and get ready to soar with this amazing flock! After taking flight, we’ll shake our tail feathers at a party nest and swarm our way to some sweet sweet nectar at the after party!

    Friday, April 10, 7:30pm
    Departs from Copley Square
    Facebook Event
    Route: 8 miles
    After Party: Flat Top Johnny’s (Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA)

    Here’s your lookbook . . .
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    Divas, Dolls, & Drag – Lookbook

    Bike partiers,

    We’re going vogue for Women’s History month and celebrating the divas, the dolls, and the drag aficionados among us. It’s time to channel your karaoke idols, unpack your vintage attire, and experiment with the joys of cycling in a dress. Pull out your feather boas and don’t go easy on the glitter! Free your mind and join us for one flawless ride.

    Friday, March 13, 7:30pm
    Departs from Copley Square
    Facebook Event
    Route and After Party: TBD

    Here’s our lookbook . . .
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    Get Unlucky – ❄❄❄Weather Update❄❄❄

    ***2/13 UPDATE***

    Well, we managed to ‪#‎getunlucky‬ afterall: due to tonight’s frigid weather, we are CANCELLING THE RIDE PORTION of BBP tonight BUT ARE STILL PARTYING at Boston Beer Works (112 Canal St. Boston) to break some moves & hearts! See you there!


    The snow keeps falling and the temps keep dropping but Boston Bike Party: Get Unlucky will prevail. There will be two awesome options for you to participate in the fun this Friday, Feb 13:

    A. ***RIDE CANCELLED, but AFTER-PARTY Still ON!!*** Ride your bike from Copley Square leaving promptly at 7:45 pm (don’t be late!) taking a direct route to our after-party spot Boston Beer Works, 112 Canal St, right across the street from North Station (Orange & Green T lines). We won’t have a music trailer but we encourage folks to bring their own noisemakers. We will be sharing the finalized ‪#‎GetUnlucky‬Spotify playlist for you to roll along to.

    B. Come directly to Boston Beer Works with your dancing shoes to get the party started at 8 pm, 112 Canal St, right across the street from North Station (Orange & Green T lines).

    Limited spoke cards will be available at both locations. Are you ready to #GetUnlucky ?

    *Facebook Event


    Back Bay To The Future: Tonight We Time Travel!

    That time we traveled back to Copley Sq. in 1875 and rode with Boston Bike Party.

    That time we traveled back to Copley Sq. in 1875 and rode with Boston Bike Party.

    A few things you need to know about tonight’s time travels:

    • We’ll have SHORT RIDE (4 miles, about 30 minutes) DEPARTING AT 7:45PM from Copley Sq. Get there BEFORE 7:45PM. (Here’s our final route for tonight!)
    • Time travel is COLD, dress warm for below-freezing temperature.
    • JOIN US AT Hub Bicycle Co. for the after-party (1036 Cambridge St. Cambridge.) if you miss the start of the ride or aren’t prepared for tonight’s sub-freezing time travel and still want to party with us! We’ll have:
    • FREE PIZZA from All-Star Pizza thanks to Gogobot
    • REFRESHMENTS thanks to Harpoon Brewery, plus some non-alcoholic ones too!
    • BRING ID + SOME CASH$$$ for donations.
    • Last but not least, CHARGE YOUR FLUX CAPACITORS, we’re aiming for 1.21 GIGAWATTS! (Here’s how)

    -Back Bay Time Travelers

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