Get Unlucky – ❄❄❄Weather Update❄❄❄

***2/13 UPDATE***

Well, we managed to ‪#‎getunlucky‬ afterall: due to tonight’s frigid weather, we are CANCELLING THE RIDE PORTION of BBP tonight BUT ARE STILL PARTYING at Boston Beer Works (112 Canal St. Boston) to break some moves & hearts! See you there!


The snow keeps falling and the temps keep dropping but Boston Bike Party: Get Unlucky will prevail. There will be two awesome options for you to participate in the fun this Friday, Feb 13:

A. ***RIDE CANCELLED, but AFTER-PARTY Still ON!!*** Ride your bike from Copley Square leaving promptly at 7:45 pm (don’t be late!) taking a direct route to our after-party spot Boston Beer Works, 112 Canal St, right across the street from North Station (Orange & Green T lines). We won’t have a music trailer but we encourage folks to bring their own noisemakers. We will be sharing the finalized ‪#‎GetUnlucky‬Spotify playlist for you to roll along to.

B. Come directly to Boston Beer Works with your dancing shoes to get the party started at 8 pm, 112 Canal St, right across the street from North Station (Orange & Green T lines).

Limited spoke cards will be available at both locations. Are you ready to #GetUnlucky ?

*Facebook Event


Get Unlucky – LookBook

Bike partiers,

This month’s bike party falls on Friday the 13th before Valentine’s day, so we’re pushing our bad luck for good love (since Cupid has terrible aim). Bring your broken hearts and shattered mirrors, ‘cuz this month we #GetUnlucky

Here is your LookBook:

bad luck is al around us

bad luck is all around us

"love is futile."  -The Queen of Broken Hearts

“love is futile.”
-The Queen of Broken Hearts
(Image Source)

let's hope for unlucky shots from this guy

let’s hope for unlucky shots from this guy (Image Source)

bad luck comes in all shapes and sizes

bad luck comes in all shapes and sizes (Image source)

the only thing more unlucky than black cats are black cats on bikes. meow.

the only thing more unlucky than black cats are black cats on bikes. meow.

please refrain from opening any umbrellas until indoors.

please refrain from opening any umbrellas until indoors. (Image source)

duck season.  wabbit-foot season.

duck season.
wabbit-foot season.
(Image source)

Daft punks

They’re up all night to get unlucky.

The king of bad luck himself will set us free.

The king of bad luck himself will set us free. (Image source)


Back Bay To The Future: Tonight We Time Travel!

That time we traveled back to Copley Sq. in 1875 and rode with Boston Bike Party.

That time we traveled back to Copley Sq. in 1875 and rode with Boston Bike Party.

A few things you need to know about tonight’s time travels:

  • We’ll have SHORT RIDE (4 miles, about 30 minutes) DEPARTING AT 7:45PM from Copley Sq. Get there BEFORE 7:45PM. (Here’s our final route for tonight!)
  • Time travel is COLD, dress warm for below-freezing temperature.
  • JOIN US AT Hub Bicycle Co. for the after-party (1036 Cambridge St. Cambridge.) if you miss the start of the ride or aren’t prepared for tonight’s sub-freezing time travel and still want to party with us! We’ll have:
  • FREE PIZZA from All-Star Pizza thanks to Gogobot
  • REFRESHMENTS thanks to Harpoon Brewery, plus some non-alcoholic ones too!
  • BRING ID + SOME CASH$$$ for donations.
  • Last but not least, CHARGE YOUR FLUX CAPACITORS, we’re aiming for 1.21 GIGAWATTS! (Here’s how)

-Back Bay Time Travelers


Back Bay To The Future: LookBook

Bike Partiers, we are stuck in Back Bay and it’s the year 1985! We have got to get back to the year 2015! The good news is, we’ll be able to harness all 1.21 GIGAWATTS of BIKE POWER destined to hit Copley Square at approximately 7:30pm on Friday, January 16th! If our calculations are correct, then when Boston Bike Party hits 8.8MPH, we’ll be able to get from BACK BAY TO THE FUTURE! Bike Partiers, you’re our only hope…SEE YOU THERE!!!!

  • January 16, 2015
  • 7:30pm
  • Copley Square
  • Facebook Event (Bring friends, we’re gonna need all the gigawatts of pedal-power we can get!)

Here’s your Lookbook:

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12 Reasons Boston Bike Party In 2014 Was Awesome

Bike Partiers,

We’re proud to say that 2014 was Boston Bike Party’s first complete calendar year, with a ride every month from January through December. That’s twelve months, twelve bike parties, involving everything from pirate flags, school spirit, robots, dinosaurs, spaceships, birthday cake, red socks, and GRRRL power! Not only did we have upwards of 400 riders come out for rides this year; 2014 brought new Bike Party experiences, playlists, graphics, Facebook profile photos, and countless new friendships.

bikeparty year review1

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Save the Date! 1/16/15: We Ride On The THIRD Friday In January 2015!


Save The Date :January 16th, 2015!

Since January has five Fridays (woot!) we’re going to shake it up by bike partying on the THIRD Friday. This will give everyone more time to: Go skiing, make gingerbread houses, turn snow from white to yellow, or whatever else you crazy kids like to do in the winter. Just save the date… you won’t be disappointed.

-Team Boston Bike Party.


BBP Dec ’14 – The Ice Age – LookBook

Bike Partiers,

it’s coming. We’ve been warned; the signs are all there: dropping temperatures, naked trees, frozen bike lanes…That’s right, we thought so too..Boston’s about to enter its next ICE AGE. This month, come chill with Boston Bike Party, because ain’t no party like a glacial, multi-million year (you’re gonna need a warm pair of socks!) ICE AGE Bike Party!  Check out the LookBook below for tips on how to survive this Friday’s impending ICEAGE!

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Mission Accomplished – A Space Odyssey – Recap

spoke card amy

Ticket to launch, artwork by Mikk Olli (Photo: Amy Leung)

On Friday, November 14th, over 170 space travelers gathered at the the Boston Bike Party Space Agency (BBPSA) launchpad at Copley Square to explore outer space, making history on the first ever Boston Bike Party Space Odyssey. Tag your friends in our Spacebook photo album, and check out the recap below on what we discovered when we ventured into space, the final frontier:

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Boston Bike Party Gives Thanks

Bike Partiers,

It’s hard for me to imagine a Boston before Bike Party (what was I even doing with my life on 2nd Fridays of every month if not dressing up as a Fung Wah bus to ride bikes with hundreds of people?!) , but just eighteen months ago, Boston Bike Party was nothing more than a neat idea I was discussing with two others over margaritas at Lone Star Taco Bar in Allston.  Eighteen Bike Parties later we have many people to be thankful for who have helped make Boston Bike Party possible:

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