Boston Red Socks – Recap

Bike Partiers,

You did it again. Not only did you come out and prove that you know how to have a great time on bikes, you showed us that you really know how to rocks a fine pair of red socks. By our counts over 176 riders came out on Tuesday. Here are some things that really impressed us about the latest Boston Bike Party ride, Boston Red Socks!

(Also, check out our Boston Red Socks photo album on Facebook and tag yourself and your friends!)

You really rocked our socks off

We asked you to help us create a playlist of jams to keep our red socks rocking, and boy did our socks rock during the ride! If you’re wondering whether you should hit play below to listen to the Red Socks jams while you read this blog post, the answer is YES.


The inaugural voyage of the new Boston Bike Party sound system!


Drum bikers Greg Hum and Galen Mook in full swing!

Who knew there were so many kinds of red socks?

We gave you a lookbook, and you gave us red socks of all styles, shapes, and sizes

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.02.24 AM

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.03.20 AM

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.03.47 AM

You came, you saw, you conquered…in red socks!



Photo: Mikk Olli


Photo: Mikk Olli


Photo: Alex Nenopoulos

Photo: Alex Nenopoulos


bbp-brs-lauren and friend





Red socks in tandem!!!
Photo: Amy Leung


Photo: Sarah Nichols


Photo: Mikk Olli

bostonredsocks_spoke card

Boston Red Sock summarized in a single spoke card
Photo: Amy Leung


Photo: Amy Leung

Then you took to the streets and showed Boston how we party in red socks


Photo: Mikk Olli


Photo: Amy Leung



Photo: Mikk Olli


Boston Bike Party taking over Fenway!
Photo: Sophan Phin

You kept the party rolling with us at Cornwall’s


Photo: Amy Leung




AND You donated 231 socks to our sock drive!

We asked you to donate some fresh white socks to those in need, and YOU DELIVERED! And thanks to Todd Consentino and his amazing Sox Box cargo bike, we collected 231 pairs of fresh new white socks to donate to Healthcare for the Homeless Program’s sock drive for the homeless!





Thanks to your help, 231 folks will have happy feet!!

See you next time, Boston Red Socks!

BBP Presents: Boston Red Socks! – Spoke Cards

This month for Boston Red Socks! we enlisted the graphic prowess of Bike Partier and local graphic designer Stephanie Bianchi, who summed up the awesomeness of wearing red socks in Boston for our spoke cards:

bostonredsocks_spoke card

Photo: Amy Leung


Photo: Emilia Deimezis


Photo: Emelia Deimezis

Here’s Stephanie rocking the red at the ride:

Photo: Sarah Nichols

Photo: Sarah Nichols

We asked Stephanie what her bike’s spirit animal was, and she said:

Freddie Mercury. He was pretty flamboyant when I bought him – leopard print seat, moustache handlebars… everything!

Which is pretty fitting given if you ever meet Steph in person you’ll notice the rainbow of creativity shooting out of her head:


Photo: Stephanie Bianchi

You can check out more of Stephanie’s work at or connect with her on: Twitter| Flickr | LinkedIn |Behance

BBP Presents: Boston Red Socks – Sock Drive

Have you figured out how you’re going to show off your Red Socks style on this coming Tuesday? (If not, there’s still time!) Maybe you’ve wondered….

Why Socks?

Because socks are the best (duhh)

Aside from looking rad, they keep your feet warm in the winter, cool in the summer, dry in all weather, serving a very important function in our everyday lives — especially when corgis wear them:

But did you also know:

Socks are rarely donated at clothing drives but are so critical to healthy and happy feet.

According to Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program,

Access to shoes and socks is often limited for the homeless men and women living in shelters and on the streets. Rain-soaked feet, ill-fitting shoes, constant standing and diseases like diabetes take their toll on the feet of homeless people. Every day, BHCHP’s nurses and physicians treat a huge range of foot ailments – from trench foot to skin infections, from frostbite to nail diseases.  The best way to prevent such conditions is to keep feet clean and dry – very difficult if you spend your days outside.

Clean, white socks are a staple of homeless health care and you can help make a real difference in the lives of our patients and the quality of care that we can provide.

There are some folks who could really use a fresh pair of socks

And we thought it’d be great to help them out, so in addition to rocking red socks on Tuesday, 

Please consider bringing some new white socks to the next Bike Party to help them out

We ask you to consider bringing along an unopened pack of new WHITE socks to Bike Party to donate to Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Sock Drive.  Just bring a pack (or more!) to the next Bike party and we’ll take it from there. 

To help some folks feel a little more like this:


(and remember, donating socks is completely optional! You do not need to bring new socks to participate or enjoy Bike Party!)

Help make this ride awesome! Parties are better with your friends, so be sure to invite them to join us!

Because you’re awesome and you know it.

See you on the 8th!


Boston Bike Party Presents: Boston Red Socks! – Playlist

Bike Partiers, we need YOUR HELP putting together this month’s playlist for Boston Red Socks! (Check out Boston Red Socks LookBook Here)

This month we are looking for music that makes a fashion statement as a TEAM (Bike Party team Boston Red Socks, of course!); songs about moving your feet in style. Songs that make you want to move your feet.  Songs about the warmth of red and the first month spring. Songs of the awesomeness of wearing red socks in Boston together while riding bikes!

To add music to the submissions playlist:

  • Open and log into Spotify.
  • Click the “Play” button on the playlist above (or click this link). The playlist will start playing.
  • Click on the “+Follow” button at the top of the Spotify playlist to add the playlist to your sidebar.
  • Drag songs to the playlist!

Submissions open until the day of the ride!

Props to Aleta Wiley for kicking off the playlist with the perfect first submission (which we’ll just have to play on repeat for the entire ride if you don’t help us with music :P):


Boston Bike Party Presents: Boston Red Socks! – LookBook

For our next Bike Party ride Boston Bike Party is making a fashion statement. With the seasons changing and springtime here, what better way to celebrate the season for love and warmth in Boston than by showing off the loveliest and warmest of colors on your pedal-pushers with red socks!  We ride Tuesday,  April 8th, rolling out from Copley Sq. outside Trinity Church at 7:30pm!

  • Facebook Event: Invite your friends!
  • Playlist: Help us put together the playlist for Boston Red Socks!
  • Sock Drive: Bring some NEW white socks to donate to Healthcare for the Homeless Program’s sock drive!
  • After-party: Party with us after the ride at Cornwall’s in Kenmore Square!
  • Route

Below is the “LookBook” for Boston Red Socks! (an idea we’re borrowing from San Francisco Bike Party),  your guide to dressing up for the occasion, because after all, we’re a party on wheels!


Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 3.24.47 PM

Stripes! Plaid! Polka dots! So many options! Dig into your drawers to find the silliest pair of red calf-highs you own! Image Source


Get classy, y’all. Image Source


biber red socks

Because every LookBook needs a “what not to wear” section…thanks, Biebs (we still love your red socks!) Image Source


 Not that we’re giving out any ideas, but we wouldn’t whine if someone showed up with this (for a water bottle, of course...duh).Image Source

Not that we’re giving out any ideas, but we wouldn’t whine if someone showed up with this (for a water bottle, of course…duh).Image Source


We see you rockin’ the red, Image Source


One of these is unlike the others…


After the ride, make sure you (hog)wash your reds separately. Image Source


No need to compromise on style – come to this shindig lookin’ fly. Image Source

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 4.39.12 PM

Feel free to go old school on this one! Image Source



We hear red socks are very popular among these sportsball players . SNAZZY!


Boston Bike Party Presents: RIOT GRRRL!


This month, in collaboration with RAWRbikes (Really Awesome Women Riding Bikes!), Boston Bike Party is celebrating Grrrls who love music, parties, bikes, courage, & Grrrrrrrrrrrl Power! Join us for an awesome ride with friends and music followed by an after-party!

Riot Grrrl started as a movement to encourage women to make their own place in a male-dominated scene. Women-led rock bands like Bikini Kill torched the way by proving beyond a doubt that GRRRLS everywhere can be strong leaders, make change, and rock hard!


    • **NEW THIS MONTH*** Meet at:  Copley Square (in front of Trinity Church)

    • Departure Time: ROLL OUT at 7:45pm. Arrive early!

    • Route:(1 hour ride)

    • After-Party: Bella Luna / Milky Way in JP (Woman owned and operated! Kitchen closes at 10, so be sure to place food orders as soon as we arrive if you’re looking for some good eats. This location is very close to Stony Brook T-Stop, so you can enjoy the party and take the worry free way home.)


Biking shouldn’t be a sausage-fest

We want to encourage women to have a safe space to ride bikes, and Riot Grrrl is a grassroots movement born out of a need to challenge sexism in punk rock and in greater society.  When several female musicians created a zine in response to derogatory treatment of women in musical lyrics and other media, they used DIY magazines, conventions, and song lyrics as mediums to promote female empowerment and address patriarchy, demands for female body perfection, racism, and domestic abuse. This month we’re using bikes and music to unite men and women alike to show Women can be rock hard and be leaders!

Girls can rock out together in the front!

On this ride, GRRRLS RULE. In the spirit of Riot Grrrl punk rock shows, where girls took over the male-aggressive mosh pit to better enjoy the show, we will embrace the “Girls to the Front!” battle cry and have the women of RAWR bikes lead the way.

Embrace the RIOT look! Check out the Riot Grrrl fashion on these women world changers.

Rock out like Bikini Kill, and show you’re ready to dance hard and sing your face off: image08

Check out Joan Jett and Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna belting out their call for revolution. (source):


Did you know Carrie Brownstein (from Portlandia) is a Riot Grrrl?  She jammed with both Excuse 17 and Sleater-Kinney!  (source): image06

Don’t mess with Bratmobile! (source): image15

You can’t get much cooler than Corin Tucker!  She declared that “the whole point of Riot Grrrl is that we were able to rewrite feminism for the 21st century.”  Yeah, grrrl!  (source, quote source):


With both grrrls and guys in the lineup, Huggy Bear knows how to get down!  (source)image09

This is why we riot.  Get pumped, get fierce, get real!  (source):image14

We’ll have some rrradical women of our own joining us on this ride!  Keep an eye out for the these two RAWR rebels – Cindy and Lauren – at the front!  (Don’t worry, they won’t leave you in the dust…this time!)  (source, source):




See you at Copley on Tuesday!  These grrrls may rock ‘round the clock but remember, at 7:45 Bike Party rrrrrrrrroll outs, sharrrrp!


RESCHEDULED: Boston Bike Party Presents: MOUNT OLYMPUS!

UPDATE: Mount Olympus! has been RESCHEDULED to THURSDAY FEB 20!, Departing at 7:30pm from Dewey Sq.

According to ancient Bike Party legend, the 12 great Olympians gathered every month atop Mount Olympus to ride bicycles and drink nectar while discussing and deciding the fate of mere mortals. This month, the ancient Bike Party Olympians reunite!

    • Meet at: Dewey Square

  • Date:  RESCHEDULED TO THURSDAY Feb. 20, 2014!
  • Departure Time: ROLL OUT at 7:30pm, (earlier than usual!) Arrive early!
  • Route: TBD (~30 minutes)
  • After-Party: TBD
  • Godly Music: Subscribe to and add music to this godly Spotify playlist: Boston Bike Party – Feb 2014 – Submissions! (Spotify account required)
  • Facebook Event Page

Check out our Winter Mode page for tips on staying warm for the ride, and check out these ancient historical Bike Party inscriptions below for inspiration on appropriate Mount Olympus attire:



Athena, goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill.
Image Source:

mercury helmet

Mercury: “God of financial gain, commerce, eloquence (and thus poetry), messages/communication (including divination), travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves; he is also the guide of souls to the underworld.”
Image appears on

Our very own bike partier and sound system specialist Jon Ramos grew some wings on his helmet (and shows you how to grow your own here)

DIY Hermes Helmet! Make your own wings using this Instructables by Bike Partier Jon Ramos:

DIY Hermes Helmet! Make your own wings using this Instructables by Bike Partier Jon Ramos:

Remember: the more wings you grow, the faster you will go!

windrider clips

Windrider cycling ankle clips, available for purchase Here

Will Poseidon make an appearance ? Only fate will tell!


Poseidon: “God of the sea, rivers, floods, droughts, earthquakes, and the creator of horses”
Image source:

Bike Chariots - 2

Image appears on:


“Toga! Toga! Toga!”
Image from movie “National Lampoon’s Animal House”


Zeus and Hermes in Disney’s “Hercules”

Not only are Olympian gods welcome on Mount Olympus, but so are any mortals striving for god-like heights as Olympic athletes:

jamie anderson slopestyle

Jamie Anderson: 2014 Sochi Olympics USA SlopeStyle Gold Medalist
Image appears on:

or god-like pants:


Image Source:


Jamaica’s got a bobsled team!
Image appears on:


Bike Party Winter Styles: Aleta Wiley

photo (7)-002

We suspected Aleta was awesome when she showed up to our Novembeard VS. Movember ride with 100 cupcakes and fed 100 bike partiers with happiness baked to perfection. Our suspicion was confirmed when she kept coming on bike party rides even as temperatures dipped well below freezing! This week in our ongoing “Bike Party Winter Styles” series of blog posts, Aleta Wiley shares her secrets to staying warm AND windproof while riding her bike this winter:

How did you find out about bike party?

Someone told my friend about Bike Party early last summer, and she went to the July ride to check it out. She loved it so I joined her for the September Back to School party, and now we’re both hooked.

Do you have a favorite bike party ride/moment that stands out?

Making 100 cupcakes for everyone when Bike Party coincided with my birthday . . . which was made even better when I met other people who also were celebrating their birthdays with BBP, and I had birthday cupcakes to give them!

What kind of bike do you ride in the winter?

My only one, a Fuji road bike. I’m jealous of Cambridge riders who still get to ride Hubway (Boston’s bike-share system).

winter styles aleta wiley clothes

Layers, layers, layers! Bike lights, and hand warmers (just in case!)

How do you stay warm while biking with 100 cupcakes in the cold and coming on sub-freezing Bike Party rides?

For commuting: fleece-lined leggings, knee-high SmartWool socks, those cool ear muffs that wrap around the back of your neck (so they don’t get in the way of a helmet). A neck gator to pull over my nose and mouth if it’s windy.

Really, just the same things I would wear if I were walking to the bus stop on a cold day. Sometimes I’m still cold; I deal. It makes hot chocolate taste better.

For bike party: all the warm neon running clothes I own, all at once, plus a pair of hand warmers.

What’s your (or your bike’s) spirit animal?

When I got my bike 5 years ago, I named her Affy, short for Affligem. Apparently, my bike’s spirit animal is a Belgian beer.

You can follow Aleta on Twitter where she shares her life as a self-described “Budding epidemiologist running, bike commuting, and baking my way through Boston.”

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