Black Lives Matter

Hi everyone,

A few things: first, Boston Bike Party believes the lives of ALL Black and Brown people, including Black and Brown LGBTQ+ lives, matter. We do NOT stand for the racism, oppression, silencing, or murder of Black, Brown, or Black and Brown LGBTQ+ people and their voices. I want to be transparent and keep you updated with where we, the Organizers of Boston Bike Party, stand on this topic.

Second, I am working with Black Boston Bike Party community members and Organizers who have generously volunteered their time and labor to support us to organize a bike ride in solidarity with the fight against the oppression, police brutality, and murder of Black, Brown, and Black and Brown LGBTQ+ people.

Please see our Facebook event here for details on the ride. 

 Boston Bike Party’s mission is to foster an inclusive community of people to enjoy the pure fun of bicycling, and I will be taking steps to use my privilege as an Organizer of this community and as a Chinese-American to fight racism in Boston’s bicycling community that involves recruiting more diverse leadership into our organization and more robust policies in our online communities. I don’t know what that will look like exactly yet either, but I recognize that solidarity isn’t one-and-done, we have a lot of work to do, and going forward, as a 100% volunteer-run organization, we will need your help to fight racism and enforce a bicycling community for all people from all walks of life, because we ride stronger together as an inclusive community than we do apart.


Greg Hum 

Co-Founder and Organizer

Boston Bike Party